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Procurement Management

Procurement Management has evolved over the years and as Organizations get bigger and the Markets becomes more competitive, Purchase Departments need outside consultation and training to keep running in top gear.

MMCG provides a gamut of Training and Consultation services for the Purchase Departments.

Listed below are the specific areas of Procurement Management for which we provide training and consultation services:

Modern Purchase Practices

The efficient performance of the purchasing function is vital for efficient & smooth functioning of the other departments of the company. It is therefore very necessary that the professional competence of the purchase department should be of a high order. The objective is to obtain the best value of the money spent. To achieve this modern purchasing practices are followed like Zero defect concept, Just in Time, TQM, bench marking, Green Purchasing and Reverse auction etc.

Procurement Outsourcing

This new concept is followed by some progressive organizations. In this responsibility of Procurement is given to outside Agency particularly for project procurement. It gives certain benefits like reduction in manpower of Purchase dept and better Prices as negotiations are done by experts for higher quantities. The biggest advantage of this arrangement is that time of Purchase team can be utilized for improvement of process.

SOP (Standard Operating Procedures)

SOPs always help to enhance the effectiveness of the process by curtailing undesired activities and also by providing guidelines for the entire process. Designating of SOPs is very vital particularly for crucial processes like Procurement cycle, selection and evaluation of suppliers etc.

Procurement cycle

Need identification is the first step of procurement cycle. Once need is identified scientifically & requisition is raised for procurement. Total procurement cycle can be optimized depending upon classification of items to be procured. Efforts need to be made for optimizing the procurement cycle by removing the unnecessary steps. An ineffective procurement cycle leads to high inventory and number of stock outs as well. There should always be tendency towards paperless purchasing by using modern procurement techniques.

Vendor selection & Evaluation

Selection of right source is mandatory for any procurement system. Identifying potential and reliable suppliers, as well as maintaining their up to date records on their performance is vital for purchasing operations. It is also necessary to keep approved vendor list for all items to be procured. Evaluation of suppliers is done based upon certain parameters like quality, delivery, service and price rating etc after every fixed interval. It is also necessary to educate the supplier with a view to improve his performance.

Contact Us with your specific needs on the above topics and we will be able to offer you with Training/Consultation at appropriate prices.