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Surplus Items Listing
For Sellers:

In this era of Shrinking Profit Margins and competitive pricing, all organizations strive to be efficient and Lean.

Lower Inventories help Organizations by decreasing operating expenses and increasing Cash Flows.

Surplus Inventories inevitably build up over time.

In all the Projects some extra items are procured as a safety margin against uncertainties.

In absence of a well defined Inventory and Purchase Policy or some times due to reasons beyond your control, you end up with Surplus Items in your Inventory.

Surplus items loose their market value very quickly and if not disposed in time can lead to big loss in value. provides you a Market Place where you can list your Surplus and let prospective buyers search the items of their interest.

You do not need to go to Scrap Traders and sell your Surplus as Scrap.

We help you realize better salvage value for your Surplus inventory in a short time by helping prospective buyers find you.

For Buyers:

Speed is the essence of doing business today.

You want to bring up your Projects quickly. Project Purchase accounts for a considerable percentage of the overall Project execution time.

Would’nt it be nice if you could get some items Off-The Shelf for your Project and that too at less than their prevailing Market Price.

That’s precisely what our ‘Surplus Items Listing’ offers you.

It’s an indexed searchable list of items which are Surplus and which may be useful for your Project or organization.

And all this for a low Subscription Fee:

We add value to your Surplus Listings by indexing so that Sellers and Buyers can find each other quickly and so we charge a low subscription fee.

Do check out our Subscription Plans for some great offers.