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About Us is India's smartest service provider portal managed by MMCG (Materials Management Consulting Group), which provides support for all materials management related issues.

MMCG (Materials Management Consulting Group) as a group provides services as listed in services option e.g. Inventory Audit, Inventory Management System, Reverse Auction and Forward Auction.

MMCG is a group formed by professionals having hand on exposure of serving industry related to various issued like inventory management, e-procurement, reverse auction, maintenance management systems etc.

Since 2006, the group formed, we are serving industry handled by dedicated professionals. The aim of MMCG is to provide help to the materials management professionals about the issues faced by them in their day to day life.

We provide superior customer value by creating an online marketplace for surplus industrial assets. Our site also brings together buyers and sellers through a comprehensive listing and asset matching facility.

We offer procurement solutions through the medium of reverse auctions which brings transparency in the procurement process, while reducing the procurement cycle and the overall procurement cost. Reverse auctions help in achieving the right price.

MMCG also offers services related to complete outsourcing of project procurement services like evaluation of vendors, assisting in import procurements, logistics management, assisting in negotiations, expediting deliveries and inspection services, contracts preparation and finalization.